According to the World Health Organisation, much than 1.2 cardinal citizens were diagnosed beside breast cancer general in 2005. In the United States, it is said that both two account one female person is diagnosed near body part cancer. In 2005, it was fairly accurate that within were 212,0000 new cases of body part malignant neoplasm and out of which 40,000 or something like 19%, died from the virus. In the city-state of Singapore, it is aforesaid that both day three women are state diagnosed next to body part malignant tumor. In Malaysia 3,738 breast metastatic tumor cases were according in 2003. This channel that one in cardinal women in Malaysia will get body part malignant tumor.

Despite rife research, the explicit motive of breast cancer is not specified. Medicine has all on been going on for treating breast cancer, not roughly speaking preventing it. Most often, women with body part malignant neoplasm are subjected to a "package" of median treatments - surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal psychoanalysis. The best grave examine that patients ask after undergoing all these treatments is: "Am I cured? Or, is at hand truly a medicinal drug for breast cancer?"

According to Silvia Dellapasqua et al. (in: J. Clinical Oncol. 23:1736-1749) the "prognosis of breast malignant tumor in puppyish women is unanimously well thought out to be disadvantageous. Young pre-menopausal body part malignant neoplastic disease patients aerated near subsidiary CMF therapy had complex peril of revert and disappearance than aged pre-menopausal patients." Martin Piccart-Gebhart (in J. Clinical Oncol. 23:1611-1613) wrote: "Chemotherapy has long-dated been thoughtful our peak economic instrument in the spar in opposition breast metastatic tumor ... where this dream, unfortunately, did not hap."

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One sad example of specified crashed castle in the air was a proceeding of Mei (not solid mark), a 34-year old pistillate nurse. Mei was diagnosed beside malignant neoplastic disease of the rightly breast. She underwent a permission ablation and alar clearance in August 2003. This was followed by six cycles of chemotherapy using FAC (5-FU, andriamycin and cyclophosphamide). From 1 March to 19 March 2004, Mei received irradiation on her rightly pectus partition. When the treatments were completed,she was started on estrogen antagonist.

Barely viii months after the pass completion of her treatments, in November 2004, Mei had a 3 x 3 cm brushed tissue mass related with lanky conclusion in her breastbone. In addition, there were sextuple nodules spread in some her lungs. Sadly, the malignant tumor recurred and promulgate inwardly this thick time period of event.

Mei underwent chemotherapy again, exploitation Taxol. After v cycles, the use of Taxol was ended because it was not efficient ensuant in illness encroachment. The body fluid nodes in her precise bone seemed to have been festering. Mei was specified different bulging of chemotherapy using Navelbine. But lamentably after the initial treatment, this therapy was forsaken due to intense side personal property.

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In April 2005, Mei was fixed an unwritten agent Arimidex (anastrozole). From 25 May to 31 May 2005, she was on radiation again, as the sternal mass was increasing in vastness. In spitefulness of this treatment, the distension of the authority collarbone grew bigger. The use of Arimidex was discontinued and was replaced next to Xeloda.

Mei established to die away additional chemotherapy. On 23 June 2005, she mechanized appropriate serous membrane manifestation (fluid in the lung). The gp tapped out 5.5 liters of unstable from her lung and she felt superior. On 23 July 2005, I prescriptive a fax interrogative for aid. Unfortunately, Mei died a month future - noticeably too belated to backing her in any way.

According to Mei's sister, upon diagnosis of breast cancer, Mei's boss, who is a doctor, two-handed her my manuscript (Cancer Yet They Live) and said: "Read this, and if you agree to in what the writer said, go and see him. But don't bowman society that I tender you this wording." Mei was a health care provider. Her activity had placed her in a "box" with a set attitude that simply modern medication has all the answers to malignant neoplastic disease. To her the single word-perfect way is surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and follow-up drugs. Other way are hocus pocus.

Dr. Alan Levin, academician of medical specialty at the University of California Medical School, was quoted to have said: "Most malignant neoplastic disease patients ... die of therapy. Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon or lung cancers. Women with body part metastatic tumor are apt to die faster with therapy than lacking it."

Dr. Hardin Jones, academician of learned profession physics at the University of California, Berkeley, analysed cancer endurance statistics for 25 geezerhood. In 1969 at the American Cancer Society meeting, he was quoted to have said: "Untreated patients ... in umteen cases on stage long (they) do not die sooner than patients unloading orthodox attention."

Dr. Lai Gi-ming, Taiwan Cooperative Oncology Group, National Research Institute wrote: "The thing that peak frustrates neo doctors is that, after surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, all they can do is resource chasing and chasing the cancer!"

How by a long way of what were same by these experts employ to Mei's case?

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